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What are the Costs Associated with Selling a Home in Georgia?

  If you are ready to put your home on the market, there are a lot of things to consider. What is the value of your home? How quickly do you think you will be able to sell? What is the status of the real estate market in Georgia right now? While lots of constantly-changing factors will influence your home sale, there is one thing that is certain: selling your home will cost you money. The costs associated with selling… Read More

Emotional And Psychological Injuries In A Car Accident

Generally after being involved in a car accident, people are more focused on their physical injuries. After undergoing a medical examination to determine the extent of bodily injuries involved, it is imperative to pursue the course of treatment prescribed for healing your body. The next step generally entails filing a legal claim against the negligent party for the damages that they have caused using your medical records and bills as evidence to prove the damages that you have sustained. This… Read More

Estate Planning For Unmarried Couples In Florida

As the norms change socially and the cultural pressure diminishes, many couples decide on remaining unmarried even if the plan on living together for a long period of their lives, sometimes forever. Estate planning is one of the most important for such couples who plan on having a live in relationship without actually getting married for the rest of their lives or as long as the relationship would last. After all, nothing lasts forever. However, if the circumstances are in… Read More

Some Important Questions To Ask From Your Tax Preparer

It is very much important to ask some questions from the person to whom you are going to select as your tax preparer. It is asked most of the time that who is a perfect tax preparer, but the fact is that only you who can find the perfect tax preparer for your taxes. Following are some important tips and tricks which will prove helpful in finding a perfect tax preparer. You must ask your preparer a lot of questions.… Read More

Areas We Serve

We can serve clients in every county within the State of Georgia, and a majority of the areas we serve are: Cobb County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, DeKalb County, Forsyth County, Cherokee County, Douglas County, Paulding County, Carroll County, Bartow County, Hall County, Barrow County, Walton County, Newton County, Rockdale County, Henry County, Clayton County, Fayette County, Spalding County, and Coweta County.