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How Do I Choose A Guardian for My Children?

One of the toughest decisions parents can face when putting together an estate plan is deciding who would take care of their children if something should happen to either or both parents. No one really wants to think about the possibility of leaving their children without a parent, but it is not a decision that can be pushed off forever. You want your children cared for and provided for when you are gone, and unless you want to leave this decision to your family, which is never a good situation, you need to explicitly name who you would want as… Read More

How to Make Your Personal Representative’s Job Easier

Your personal representative is the person you choose to essentially “close up” your estate. This position is synonymous with the term executor. He or she is the individual responsible for collecting all your assets, lining up all of your debts, and ensuring everything is handled appropriately. He or she is the “go-to” person in your estate. It is a position that should not be handled lightly, and it should be someone you trust well to do the right thing. Choosing the Right Person Choosing a personal representative is arguably the most important decision you make in your estate planning process,… Read More

What Are the Responsibilities of a Personal Representative?

A personal representative is an individual chosen by the testator or by a majority of the heirs to administer his or her estate. That person is appointed through the probate court process. The duties of the personal representative are numerous and can come with personal liability if not carried out correctly. Below are the main duties a personal representative is expected to handle. Putting the Beneficiaries or Heirs First The main concern of the deceased when the estate plan was executed was to ensure that his or her beneficiaries are cared for after his or her death. The personal representative… Read More

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