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Debunked: The Myth of the Double Dry Closing

Where You’ve Heard It Before If you are interested in wholesaling real estate, you have likely seen advertising for real estate wealth building seminars pretty much everywhere. If you are already in the business, you may have even attended one. While some seminars are giving out good, accurate, and transparent information, others are peddling dishonest or incomplete information shared to make real estate investing seem much simpler and much less costly than it really is. At Brian M. Douglas &… Read More

Hiring a Property Manager for Your Rental Property

Throughout the country, the real estate industry is booming. As the industry continues to grow, more homeowners are investing in rental properties. These investment properties can generate stable, long-term income for the property owner and generate a number of other financial benefits. Renting out your property is a business transaction, and as with any business deal, it is important that you protect yourself and your investment. If you are interested in investing in a rental property, or if you already… Read More

End-of-Summer Countdown: 8 Months Until Taxes Are Due

Depending on how you look at the year, we are either one-third of the way through the tax year (four months since you last filed taxes in April 2018), or we are in the last third of the calendar year (only four months until 2019!). No matter how you count it, the end of the summer is a great time to take a look at your taxes. In 2018, this is especially important because of the sweeping tax reform that… Read More

The Georgia Homestead Exemption: Decoded

In the State of Georgia, there are special benefits conferred to properties that qualify as homesteads. Only homeowners can receive the benefits of a homestead property, and these benefits are only available if the home is the owner’s legal residence as of January 1 of the taxable year. There is an exception to the primary residence rule if the homeowner was away from home during the year due to health reasons. What is the Georgia Property Tax Homestead Exemption? If… Read More

How to Take Title to Your Georgia Property

 When you are closing on a sale to buy real estate, the title company or law firm handling the transfer may ask you how you want to take title to the property. If you are not prepared for this question or do not have a lawyer reviewing the documents, this can be a stressful moment that has long-lasting implications. Are There Any Encumbrances on The Land? Before you choose how you want to take title to your new property, you… Read More

2018 Tax Law Brings New Real Estate Investment Opportunities to Atlanta

In December 2017, President Trump signed a new tax bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, into law. At the time, the changes in individual tax brackets and cuts to corporate taxes dominated the news cycles. However, there was a lot more in the law than the provisions that got top billing. For instance, there were a number of incentives included in the law designed to boost investment in distressed communities throughout the country, including the Qualified Opportunity Zones provision.… Read More

Property Tax Notice of Assessment & Appeals

In the state of Georgia, property owners will soon be receiving Property Tax Notices of Assessment in the mail if they haven’t already. This notice is not a bill but shows the property’s appraised value and estimated property tax amount. If the property owner disagrees with the Current Year Value provided on the Notice,  he or she may file an appeal. How do I file an appeal of my property tax assessment? There are a few counties in Georgia that… Read More

Super Bowl LIII: Make Some Money Hosting Visitors in Your Atlanta Home

For the third time in the NFL’s history, the Super Bowl is coming to Atlanta. On February 3, 2019, the top two NFL teams will play in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which opened in 2017. Last year, when the Super Bowl was hosted in Minneapolis, officials stated that up to one million visitors would be descending on the city for the Super Bowl weekend. Although there was some controversy over whether that number included Minnesotans, the number of out-of-town visitors… Read More

Your Guide To Summer Camp 2018

Summer is almost here! The weather is starting to warm up and kids everywhere are getting that end-of-the-school-year bug. Do you have plans for your kids this summer? If not, it’s not too late to enroll them in a summer camp that will really get them excited! There are so many different summer camps available in this area that we thought we would make things a little easier for you. Is your kid into sports? Nature? Science? Do they have… Read More

Georgia Homeowner’s Guide to Hosting on Airbnb (Expanded Version – Includes Florida and Alabama Law)

If you are a homeowner in the state of Georgia with a little extra space, it may have occurred to you to post your space on a short-term vacation rental site like Airbnb or HomeAway. Short-term rentals are a great alternative to hotels when you are traveling. They give you the opportunity to live like a local, get advice on off-the-beaten-track sights and experiences, and it may even save you some money. Atlanta is among the country’s most visited cities,… Read More

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